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RV Park Kyouto-minami Kamogawa RV-site
RV Park

RV Park in the city of Kyoto! You can enjoy sightseeing in Kyoto at your own pace.

Located near the Kamogawa River and close to the city center of Kyoto, this place is a great base for sightseeing.
Stroll through Kyoto by public transport during the day and relax in a camper van or minivan at night. Please enjoy such a new Kyoto sightseeing.

★ Parking gate type unmanned business allows you to enter and exit 24 hours a day.
★ Of course, it can be used with ordinary passenger cars.
★ Water supply, toilets, and trash disposal are free.
★ A dump station for American Motorhome is also available for free.
★ You can stay in peace because it is protected by SECOM security.
Next to RV Park is the Kamo River, famous for Yuzen Nagashi and Noryoyuka, and it is a pleasant place that is full of greenery with a riverside cycling course and a forest promenade that leads to the center of Kyoto. Cherry blossoms are in full bloom in spring.
<Public transportation>
○ Bus
From the Akaike Bus Stop 200 meters east on the national road in front of you (230 yen about 13 minutes) and via Takeda Station (260 yen about 10 minutes), you can go to Shijo Station on the Karasuma Subway Line without any transfer . Travel time is approximately 27 minutes.
○ Taxi
Since this RV Park has been registered with the following taxi companies, you will be picked up by telling "Kyoto Minami Kamogawa RV Site" by phone. It costs a little 1,000 yen to Takeda Station and 2,000 yen to Kyoto Station.
(Phone number of taxi company is posted in the hall)
・ Daiichi-kotsu
・ MK taxi

  • Waste Disposal
  • Power
  • Water Supply
  • Generators OK
  • Shower and Bath
  • Pets Acceptable
  • Special Offers
  • Waste Station
Physical address
〒612-8469 62 Nakajima-Kawaraden Town, Fushimi Ward, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture
Get off the Meishin Expressway "Kyoto Minami IC" and go south, turn right at the second "Akaike" traffic light, and pass the first "Senbon Akaike" traffic light, 150 m ahead and on the right side of the bridge.
It is 3-4 minutes after getting off the highway.

The correct position is not displayed in car navigation. Please search for the phone number “075-601-6166” or “Kamogawa RV site” on Google Maps.

Reception hours: 10:00 to 18:00 on weekdays * Reservations cannot be made by phone. * Please note that for the Year End and New Year holidays, GW and summer holidays, the operation headquarters will be closed for consecutive days.

Name of PIC

About Accommodation

Cancellation Policy
(tax included)
Free for 30 minutes after parking. Thereafter, 100 yen every 30 minutes. Up to 3000 yen for 24 hours.
【Parking Capacity】6

(Repeat after the second night).

The reservation site costs 40 yen per hour as a separate reservation fee. (Reservation using smartphone app or PC)

Months of Operation
  • All months of the year
  • Weekdays
  • Sunday and Public Holidays
  • A day before Sunday and Public Holidays
  • Spring Holiday
  • Golden Week
  • Summer Holiday
  • Bon Holiday
  • Winter Holiday
  • New Year's Holiday
Check-in  On the day 
Check-out Next day 

Check-in / out is OK 24 hours.

About Booking

Book by the day your visit

[Note] The use of trailers is currently suspended.

■ Reservation site 4mx9m: 4 sites (grass / power stand)
Reservation required by 1hour before your use. Specifically, to the following URL
RV site reservation method.

■ General site ■ 3mx6m: 2-10 sites (asphalt and power supply not available)
Reservations are not accepted.

"Reservation conditions"
Reception period: 1 hour to 167 days (approximately 5 and a half months)
Usage time: 1 hour to 264 hours (up to 11 days)
Number of reservations 1 reservation per account
(You cannot make multiple reservations in succession. The next reservation will be possible when the usage start time is reached.)
Cancellation: Can be canceled up to 3 days before the use start date

Vehicle Size Availability
  • Full Conversion
  • Semi-Full Conversion
  • Bus Conversion
  • Cab Conversion
  • Van Conversion
  • Travel Trailers
  • Japanese Kei Camper
  • Others

About RV Park Facilities and Services

Business Hours for Bathrooms
24 hours OK

* Women: 1 Western style / Male: 1 Western style (both toilet seats with a washing machine)
Waste Disposal Available
(tax included)
Power Supply Availability
(tax included)

100 yen per hour (only available on the reservation site)
* 100V 20A power supply stand x 4

Power Generators Usage
Not available
Other Options
<24-hour facilities>
■ Coin shower: 200 yen for 4 minutes (time counting stops during stopping water)
■ Coin laundry
・ 4.5 kg washing machine: 200 yen each time)
・ Gas dryer 7kg: 100 yen for 10 minutes)

■ Three tank type sink [with drainer]: Free
■ Sewage tank washing machine [for cassette toilets and portable toilets]: 100 yen per time ■ ☆ Japan's first (patent pending)
■ Dump station: Free
■ Large Recycle Bin: Free
■ Beverage vending machine (slightly cheaper than general retail price)
■ Bench for rest: Free
<Nearby facilities>
■ Convenience store "Daily Yamazaki"
■ Curry house "CoCo Ichibanya"


To all customers
■ This RV Park is a gate-type coin parking and is operating unmanned.
■ There is a camper shop (VANTECH Kyoto), but there is no reception or operation of RV Park except for some management. If you have any questions, please contact "RV Site 075-601-6166".
■ Please note that the usage fee will be settled at the gate adjustment machine each time you enter.
■ Please note that gates cannot be detected (can not enter) for vehicles with a high ground level such as lift-up vehicles.
■ Devices that make loud noises such as vehicle engines and generators cannot be used in the premise.
■ The denominations that can be used when paying for the parking gate are 1,000 yen bills, such as 10 yen coins, 50 yen coins, 100 yen coins, and 500 yen coins. (Please note that 5,000 yen and 10,000 yen bills cannot be used)
■ Only 100 yen coins can be used for coin billing machines (power stand, coin shower, coin laundry, waste tank washing machine) on the site.
■ We recommend that you prepare a large number of 100 yen coins and 1,000 yen bills.
■ We are not responsible for accidents, theft, troubles between customers, etc. in the hall.
■ The gate is located close to the main road, and the sidewalk in front of the entrance is very busy for bicycles. Take care when entering and exiting.

About the Closest Bathing Facilities

the Name of the Closest Bathing Facilities
Super Sento Kyoto Fushimi no Yu
Access to the Bathing Facilities
Distance from RV Park: about 2km
 130 Takeda Aoike Town, Fushimi Ward, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture
【TEL】 075-645-4126
【URL】 http://www.chikara-u.com/
Name of the Hot Spring
A 3-minute walk from a super sento and Kintetsu Takeda Station.
This is a complex facility where families can enjoy natural hot springs, saunas, massages, barber shops and meals.
(tax included)
[Adult] 700 yen on weekdays / 700 yen on weekends and holidays
[Elementary school students] 300 yen on weekdays / 400 yen on weekends and holidays
[Infants (3 years old and over)] Weekdays 200 yen / Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays 250 yen
Business Hours
10 am-1 am (last reception at midnight)
[Closed] Irregular holidays (Closed twice a year for maintenance.)