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RV Park Noumaru-engei Kibiji-noen
RV Park

Fruit picking, pizza baking, horse riding experience! RV park where you can experience the four seasons of Japan
  • RV Park Noumaru-engei Kibiji-noen
  • RV Park Noumaru-engei Kibiji-noen
  • RV Park Noumaru-engei Kibiji-noen

It is a general tourist farm where you can experience strawberry picking, blueberry picking, pizza baking with using a stone kiln, and horse riding.
A farm direct sales place where fresh vegetables and fruits are received daily from contract farmers in the prefecture, a flower sales facility where you can enjoy seasonal flowers, a cafe and cake workshop popular with sweets using strawberries and fruits harvested on the farm, and local vegetables There is a kitchen that offers prepared dishes and lunch boxes. There is a dog park, a children's open space, a mini zoo, a barbecue place, etc. It is an outing spot in Okayama where you can enjoy the whole day with your family.

In the surrounding area, there are famous places full of history and romance such as Bichu-kokubunji, Onino-shiro, Sakuyama Kofun, and Kibitsu Shrine. Access to Kurashiki Bikan Area and Ohara Museum of Art is 30 minutes away, so please use it as a sightseeing base in the south of Okayama Prefecture.

  • Waste Disposal
  • Power
  • Water Supply
  • Generators OK
  • Shower and Bath
  • Pets Acceptable
  • Special Offers
  • Waste Station
Physical address
〒719-1164 411-1 Nishi-gun, Soja City, Okayama Prefecture
About 10 minutes by car from JR "Hakubi Line Soja Station"
About 5 minutes by car from JR "Hakubi Line Kiyone Station"
About 7 minutes by car from Sanyo Expressway "Kurashiki IC"
About 10 minutes by car from Okayama Expressway "Okayama Soja IC" about 10 minutes by car
Telephone inquiries (Japanese only) or E-mail inquiries

Telephone reception time from 9:00 to 17:00

Name of PIC

About Accommodation

Cancellation Policy
(tax included)
2,000 yen / per night / 1unit (including trailer)
【Parking Capacity】4

* Kuruma-tabi Premium members are discounted by 500 yen
* Can enter and leave
* Members must present their card at the time of reception.

Months of Operation
  • All months of the year
  • Weekdays
  • Sunday and Public Holidays
  • A day before Sunday and Public Holidays
  • Spring Holiday
  • Golden Week
  • Summer Holiday
  • Bon Holiday
  • Winter Holiday
  • New Year's Holiday

Closed only on January 1st.

Check-in  On the day  12:00  ~ 17:00
Check-out Next day   ~ 12:00

If you are checking out early in the morning, please return the key to the return box.

About Booking
 ~ On the day    ~ 17:00

Even it is available on the day of the visit. We will respond if there is a vacancy. we recommend that you book early.

Vehicle Size Availability
  • Full Conversion
  • Semi-Full Conversion
  • Bus Conversion
  • Cab Conversion
  • Van Conversion
  • Travel Trailers
  • Japanese Kei Camper
  • Others

Prohibition of bringing pets to farm products direct sales shop, kitchen, cafe, eating and drinking space, pizza experience studio.
A dog park is available for 90 minutes for 400 yen. Pets are allowed in spaces other than the above.
* Use of the dog park is from 9:00 to 16:00 (last reception).

About RV Park Facilities and Services

Business Hours for Bathrooms
Available 24 hours
Flush toilet
Hot shower (Amenities must be prepared by yourself)
Waste Disposal Available
(tax included)

Combustible garbage
PET bottles
Please separate to the above four.

Power Supply Availability
(tax included)

Included in facility usage fee.
If there is no power supply, the price will be reduced by 500 yen.

Power Generators Usage
Available (any time)

Since there are no houses nearby, there is no time designation, but please consider using it during the rest time of other users.

Other Options
■ Temporary shower
■ Dog park
■ Strawberry picking garden
■ Blueberry picking garden
■ Ishigama pizza experience workshop
■ BBQ place
■ Horse riding experience, mini zoo
■ Farm products direct sales shops, flower direct sales shops, cafes, restaurants


■ Please apply in advance if you want to pick strawberries and experience pizza.
■ Unlike auto camp sites, this park is a rechargeable in-vehicle lodging facility, so you cannot cook outdoors.

■ It is not available during the year-end and New Year holidays.

■ Please make a reservation in advance if possible.

About the Closest Bathing Facilities

the Name of the Closest Bathing Facilities
Kokumin-shukusha Sun Road Kibiji
Access to the Bathing Facilities
Distance from RV Park: about 2km
(Turn left at Kokubunji west crossing from Nomaru Garden) 1km
 825-1 Misu, Soja City, Okayama Prefecture
【TEL】 0866-90-0550
【URL】 http://www.sunroad-kibiji.com/
Name of the Hot Spring
Natural hot spring "Kibiji Onsen"
This public inn is located in Soja City in the south of Okayama Prefecture and features natural hot springs and cuisine. It is a 20-minute drive to Kurashiki Bikan District and Mitsui Outlet Park Kurashiki. You can spend a lot of nature around the inn.

There are two types of natural hot spring baths, Japanese style and Western style, and men and women are switched every day. The spring quality is a simple alkaline hot spring, which is a beautiful skin water that warms up from the core of the body.
(tax included)
[Adult] 610 yen / [Child] 300 yen
Business Hours
[Business hours] From 11:00 to 21:00 (last reception 20:30)

* Wednesday is from 15:00.
* However, Wednesday of the national holiday will be from 11:00 and Thursday of the next day will be from 15:00.
Please contact us for details.