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RV Park Yakushinosato
RV Park

  • RV Park Yakushinosato
  • RV Park Yakushinosato
  • RV Park Yakushinosato
  • RV Park Yakushinosato
  • RV Park Yakushinosato
  • RV Park Yakushinosato

Walking distance to Yakushi-ji Temple. A good location with easy access to Toshodaiji Temple and Heijokyo Suzakumon.
It is very convenient in the center of the city where there are convenience stores, general supermarkets, restaurants, gas stations, natural hot springs (Yuraranuyu / Nara Park Hotel), super public baths (Gokurakuyu), hospitals, etc.
10t class large camper vans (bass and full-con) are also supported.
As you enter from prefectural road, parking is easy, too.

Every month on the second Saturday and Sunday, we hold an event entitled "Nara Kadaku Rakuza".
We hold various events every month, such as selling fresh vegetables, opening kitchen cars, games corners and sweets shops. We look forward to your arrival.
  • Waste Disposal
  • Power
  • Water Supply
  • Generators OK
  • Shower and Bath
  • Pets Acceptable
  • Special Offers
  • Waste Station
Physical address
〒630-8041 126-1 Rokujo Town, Nara City, Nara Prefecture
About 15 minutes north from Nishi-Meihan Expressway Koriyama Interchange. Approximately 15 minutes west of Daini Hanna Toll Road ho Line Inter. Approximately 20 minutes south of the Kizu Interchange on the Keinan Expressway. About 500m east of Kashiwagi intersection on R24. 。It is about 20 minutes on foot from Kintetsu Kashihara Line Nishinokyo Station.


Name of PIC

About Accommodation

Cancellation Policy
(tax included)
2,000 yen / per night / 1unit (length 6m or less), 3,000 yen / per night / 1unit (6m or longer)
【Parking Capacity】5

* If you use the parking space for two cars parked next to the camper by trailer towing, you may be charged for two cars. Please check with local staff.

Months of Operation
  • All months of the year
  • Weekdays
  • Sunday and Public Holidays
  • A day before Sunday and Public Holidays
  • Spring Holiday
  • Golden Week
  • Summer Holiday
  • Bon Holiday
  • Winter Holiday
  • New Year's Holiday
Check-in  On the day  11:00  ~ 15:00
Check-out Next day   ~ 10:00

* Consultation is available for check-in times.
Please call for late and early check-in and check-out.

About Booking
 ~ Four days in advance    ~ 16:00

Reservation required

Vehicle Size Availability
  • Full Conversion
  • Semi-Full Conversion
  • Bus Conversion
  • Cab Conversion
  • Van Conversion
  • Travel Trailers
  • Japanese Kei Camper
  • Others

About RV Park Facilities and Services

Business Hours for Bathrooms
Available 24 hours
Waste Disposal Available
(tax included)

Price: 550 yen

Power Supply Availability
(tax included)

100 yen / 1 hour

Power Generators Usage
Available (any time)

Please contact us in advance for available hours.

Other Options
There are wicker chairs and tents on the artificial lawn terrace, so there is a parking space next to the parking space where you can relax and enjoy the wind.


* If you parked next to a camper with a trailer towing vehicle and use a parking space for 2 cars, you may be charged for 2 cars. Please check with local staff.
* Consultation is available for check-in times.
Please call for late and early check-in and check-out.

About the Closest Bathing Facilities

the Name of the Closest Bathing Facilities
Natural springs Yurara no Yu Nara store
Access to the Bathing Facilities
・ From the Nishi-Meihan Koriyama IC, take the R24 bypass to the north and turn right at the Kashiwagi intersection.
・ Go straight west from the end of the Daini Hanna Road, turn right at the Nijo Oji Minami Ichi intersection and turn left at the R24 bypass Kashiwagi intersection.
・ It is 1.3km west from RV Park Yakushi no Sato.
〒630-8145 5-351-1, Hachijo, Nara City, Nara Prefecture
【TEL】 0742-30-1126
【URL】 http://www.yuraranoyu.jp/nara.html
Name of the Hot Spring
Suzaku Onsen
Spring quality: sodium, calcium, chloride, bicarbonate hot spring (hypotonic, neutral, low hot spring)
Spring temperature: 30.5
Central Hot Spring Research Institute Certification No.Ko 2786
[Efficacy] Neuralgia, muscle pain, joint pain, fifty shoulders, motor paralysis, stiffness of joints, bruising, spraining, chronic digestive disease, hemorrhoids, chilliness, post-morbid recovery, fatigue recovery, health promotion, etc.
(tax included)
[Fee (tax included)] Adult: ¥ 720 / Child: ¥ 340 (weekdays)
One adult: 770 yen / one child: 390 yen (Saturday, Sunday and public holidays)
Business Hours
[Business hours] From 10:00 to 25:00 (weekdays) 7:00 to 25:00 (Saturday, Sunday and public holidays)