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RV Park Smart Kujyakusou
RV Park Light

This property is RV Park Light. Please note that some of the certification criteria for RV Park may not be met.
For details, please refer to the following “About accommodation”, “About RV park facilities and corresponding services”, and “About the nearest bathing facilities”.

A superb view of the sea! Sightseeing spots that can be enjoyed from sea bathing to mountain climbing, fishing, and hot springs!
  • RV Park Smart Kujyakusou
  • RV Park Smart Kujyakusou
  • RV Park Smart Kujyakusou
  • RV Park Smart Kujyakusou
  • RV Park Smart Kujyakusou
  • RV Park Smart Kujyakusou

"RV Park smart Kujakuso" is located in an excellent location with a panoramic view of the sea, and has an unmanned reception so you can check in late at night. In the adjacent facility "Kokuminshukusha Kujaku-so", there is a restaurant and a natural hot spring that offers a variety of dishes using To-hi Beef and seafood from Kawatana, as well as a Western food menu. At the reception, we also rent outdoor equipment such as tents and tables, so you can enjoy the outdoors casually with your hands.

  • Waste Disposal
  • Power
  • Water Supply
  • Generators OK
  • Shower and Bath
  • Pets Acceptable
  • Special Offers
  • Waste Station
Physical address
〒859-3618 272 Ogushi-go, Kawatana Town, Higashisonogi County, Nagasaki Prefecture
19 minutes from Higashisonogi IC, 35 minutes from Sasebo City, 90 minutes from Nagasaki City, about 2 hours from Fukuoka City
Telephone inquiries (Japanese only) or E-mail inquiries

9: 00-17: 30 except Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays * Reservations cannot be made by phone.

Name of PIC

About Accommodation

Cancellation Policy

《Reservations are accepted online only. 》
Information on how to use electricity, the location of toilets and others will be provided on the screen after booking.

(tax included)
¥ 4,000 1unit (including trailer)
【Parking Capacity】2

* Can enter and leave during your stay
* Prices may change depending on the season.

Months of Operation
  • All months of the year
  • Weekdays
  • Sunday and Public Holidays
  • A day before Sunday and Public Holidays
  • Spring Holiday
  • Golden Week
  • Summer Holiday
  • Bon Holiday
  • Winter Holiday
  • New Year's Holiday
Check-in  On the day  15:00
Check-out Next day   ~ 09:00

Check-in is possible without worrying about time because it is unmanned reception.

About Booking
 ~ One day in advance    ~ 23:00

Reservations are accepted online until 23:00 on the previous day of your visit.
Please make a reservation at the "Nokisaki Parking" from the URL link.
* Member registration (free) is required for the first use.

Vehicle Size Availability
  • Full Conversion
  • Semi-Full Conversion
  • Bus Conversion
  • Cab Conversion
  • Van Conversion
  • Travel Trailers
  • Japanese Kei Camper
  • Others

Pets are allowed. Not free-range.

About RV Park Facilities and Services

Business Hours for Bathrooms
・ 100V power supply (1500W)
・ Toilets (available 24 hours)
・ Water supply
・ Surveillance camera
・ 24-hour security
Waste Disposal Available
(tax included)

We will inform you after the reservation is completed.

Power Supply Availability
(tax included)

100V power supply
(Electricity usage fee is included in facility usage fee)

Power Generators Usage
Not available
Other Options


・ Be sure to lock the door at bedtime. If you leave the car while using it, please do not leave your valuables locked inside the car.
・ Use of fire such as bonfire, barbecue, fireworks is prohibited.
・ Pets can be brought in. (* No free range)

About the Closest Bathing Facilities

the Name of the Closest Bathing Facilities
Access to the Bathing Facilities
Located on the premises of the RV Park.
〒859-3618 272 Ogushi-go, Kawatana Town, Higashisonogi County, Nagasaki Prefecture
【TEL】 0956-82-2661
【URL】 http://kankou-kawatana.jp/kujaku/onsen/
Name of the Hot Spring
This property has a natural hot spring located in the Prefectural Nature Park, a 13-minute drive from Huis Ten Bosch. There is a meeting room and a banquet hall in the hall, and there is a pool and tennis court on the premises. It is a recommended facility for families training camp and other uses.
(tax included)
Adult 1 person: 600 yen / child (3 years old-elementary school student) 1 person: 300 yen
Business Hours
[Business hours] From 12:00 to 22:00
[Regular holidays] open daily