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RV Park Autocamp-site Yonesaburou
RV Park

For sightseeing in Noto Peninsula ◎! A RV park close to the beach
  • RV Park Autocamp-site Yonesaburou
  • RV Park Autocamp-site Yonesaburou
  • RV Park Autocamp-site Yonesaburou
  • RV Park Autocamp-site Yonesaburou

This facility is adjacent to an auto campsite surrounded by farm fields. Of course, it is just by the sea, and is very popular for fishing, dolphin watching and raft fishing. In addition, there is no doubt that it will be a base for one-week sightseeing on the Noto Peninsula, such as the nearby "Roadside Station Notojima", "Aquarium", "Glass Museum" etc.

  • Waste Disposal
  • Power
  • Water Supply
  • Generators OK
  • Shower and Bath
  • Pets Acceptable
  • Special Offers
  • Waste Station
Physical address
〒926-0211 71 Notojima Kouda Town Ra, Nanao City, Ishikawa Prefecture
Telephone inquiries (Japanese only) or E-mail inquiries
Name of PIC
Dairoku Fudesima

About Accommodation

Cancellation Policy
(tax included)
Total length less than 6m: per night / 1 unit / 2,500 yen (3,000 yen for trailer), Total length 7m or more: per night / 1 unit / 4,000 yen
【Parking Capacity】20

* The high season is from July 20th to the end of September, and an additional 500 yen will be charged for facility usage for this period.

* The usage charges listed above are as of September 25, 2020.

Months of Operation
  • All months of the year
  • Weekdays
  • Sunday and Public Holidays
  • A day before Sunday and Public Holidays
  • Spring Holiday
  • Golden Week
  • Summer Holiday
  • Bon Holiday
  • Winter Holiday
  • New Year's Holiday

The manager may be absent due to the convenience of the manager, but it is always available by mobile phone or SMS.

Check-in  On the day  15:00  ~ 18:00
Check-out Next day   ~ 10:00

The time period is a rule of principle, but we will correspond to your request as much as possible by telephone.
* Additional 500 yen will be charged if you wish to check in and check out after hours.

About Booking

Reservation is not required in principle, but it is expected that the GW, long weekends, summer vacation and Obon season will be crowded, so advance reservations are recommended.

Vehicle Size Availability
  • Full Conversion
  • Semi-Full Conversion
  • Bus Conversion
  • Cab Conversion
  • Van Conversion
  • Travel Trailers
  • Japanese Kei Camper
  • Others

* Please follow the "rules for bringing pets".

About RV Park Facilities and Services

Business Hours for Bathrooms
Available 24 hours
Waste Disposal Available
(tax included)

300 yen

Power Supply Availability
(tax included)

Included in facility usage fee
* In principle, an extension fee will be charged if the service is used beyond the check-in to check-out time (Please contact the manager).

Power Generators Usage
Available (specified time)

The generator can be used, but the time and place of use are subject to the instructions of the manager.

Other Options
■Dog Park


■ In principle, the power use time period is from check IN to check OUT. If you use beyond the principle, please contact the manager.

■ BBQ in the parking lot is OK, but please use tools because direct fire is prohibited.

■ Noise after 9 pm is prohibited.

■ Separate the garbage and throw it away at the garbage disposal site. (A processing fee of 200 yen will be collected.)

■ You must pay the facility usage fee at check-in.

* The above information is as of September 25, 2020.

About the Closest Bathing Facilities

the Name of the Closest Bathing Facilities
Hyokkori Onsen Shima no Yu
Access to the Bathing Facilities
Distance from the RV park: about 2.3km
〒926-0212 29-1 Sanami Town Ra-bu, Notojima, Nanao City, Ishikawa Prefecture
【TEL】 0767-84-0033
【URL】 http://user.notojima.jp/shimanoyu/top.html
Name of the Hot Spring
Hyokkori Onsen
By taking a bath for a while, it is expected that cations such as potassium and sodium will act on and be absorbed by the weakly acidic skin, further enhancing the hot spring effect.
(tax included)
[Adult] 550 yen / [Child] 220 yen

* Prices as of September 25, 2020.
Business Hours
9: 00-22: 0022 * Until 21:00 in winter

[Closed] Last Friday of every month

Activities and Attractions

The surrounding environment of this facility faces a beach and has a good reputation by visitors because of its excellent location.
It is within 5 minutes from facilities including beaches, super sento, aquariums, roadside stations, glass workshops, and convenience stores, and you can enjoy fishing at Koda Fishing Port. Only one unfortunate thing is that there is no supermarket on Noto Island. BBQ is possible in the parking space of this facility, but it is recommended to buy food at the supermarket before crossing Notojima Ohashi. In addition, we also accept boat fishing at a low price in response to customer's request.