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First of all

The Japan Recreational Vehicle Association is an association of companies that produce and sell camper vans and camper vans accessories. Therefore, the association has established certification conditions for ""RV Park"" as an accommodation infrastructure for safer and more comfortable overnight stays in the car.
Accordingly, the operation and management of each RV park facility is managed and operated by each facility. Therefore, the usage fee and some of the service contents of the facilities are different, so please confirm the information of each facility before visiting the facility.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use RV Park without ""Kuruma Tabi Club"" membership?

→ There is no RV park membership requirement or registration. Anyone can use it.

Can I stay at RV Parks without a ""camper van""?

→ Yes, it is possible for you to stay there with a regular car instead of a camper.
In the case of staying there with motorcycles, there are safety issues, so please contact the facility which you will stay (Because it may be possible for you to set up a tent depending on the facility).

Can I cook outside of a car at RV Parks?

→ Basically, outdoor cooking is not allowed. However, there are some places where cooking facilities are installed and facilities where cooking can be done outside of cars.

Is reservation required for RV Park?

→ No, it’s not mandatory.
However, some facilities require reservations depends on the operation and management of the facilities, so please confirm how to use each facility before visiting them.

What is the power capacity of RV Parks?

→ The standard power capacity is 15A100V.
Some facilities supply even stronger power. Also some facilities limit the number of power supplies.

Is there any water supply at RV Park?

→ Yes, most facilities have it. The availability for drinking water depends on the facility.

Is English available at RV Park?

→ Currently, we are checking facilities and confirming English-speaking facilities.
(In the future, we will open the English version HP and you’ll be able to jump to the English version)

Are there any booklets for RV Park??

→ Some booklets have been published by publishers, but none have been prepared by the association. We distribute nationwide RV Park MAP at camper van events.
For details of each facility, please check our website.