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Welcome to RV Park!

The Japan RV Association promotes RVing in Japan and Japan's own RV park that is not only ""safe, secure and comfortable"" but also ""fun"".

Our RV park collaborates with nation-wide roadside stations, day-trip hot spring facilities, and auto campgrounds.

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RV Park and RV Park Light provide ""safer, securer and more comfortable RVing"" to campers and other people who enjoy traveling and spending the night in their car. Therefore, please be noted that the overnight stay in the parking lot is officially authorized. However, it is not a so-called ""campsites"", so please refrain from cooking outside the vehicle.

Differences between RV Park and RV Park Light

Safe and comfortable Japanese Recreational Association certified RVing facility

RV Park

In RV Parks, there are pay inn areas dedicated to staying in the car in a part of parking lots.
Compared to general parking lots, the area has more space and you can stay there for about a week.
It is certified by the Japan RV Association and meets the following conditions.

  1. Spacious parking space allows you to stay for about a week
  2. Toilets which are available 24 hours
  3. 100V power supply available
  4. It is desirable to have a bath facility nearby
  5. Garbage disposal available
  6. Entrance and exit restrictions are not strict: reservations are not mandatory

RV Park Light

Some of ""RV Park Lights"" do not meet the above conditions.
For details, please check each facility information of RV Park Lights by narrowing down the search by facility category.

General Usage

Most RV Parks / RV Park Lights do not require reservations, but some RV Parks / RV Park Lights require reservations.
In addition, it may not be available depending on the situation of facilities.
When you arrive at a site, please check in.
Please note that each facility has different pricing and rules.
You can also bring your own chair and table outside the car in your own space.
However, cooking outside of your vehicle is prohibited.
Usage of fire is of course prohibited.
Please refrain from bonfire or barbecue even if it is not open flame.
Of course, customers other than campers can also use facilities.

Our Future

Since ”Road-side Stations” in Japan are rest facilities, naps are permitted, but it is considered mannerally problematic to stay overnight or to stay for a long time.
The Japan RV Association believes that it is necessary to have a certified area where camper users can stay in the car with peace of mind, and we are expanding RV Park.
Currently, we have about 150 locations around the country. (* As of May 31, 2020)
In addition, we will continue to deepen cooperation with governments, public bodies, and companies, and aim to establish them all over the country.